Join the Old St. Mary’s Social Justice and Service Committee, and Deacon James Norman as together in our parish, our neighborhood, and our personal relationships, we dive deeper into “How do I become more Diversity Mature”.

On the weekend of September 29/30, Deacon James Norman, director of Vicariate Operations for the Archdiocese of Chicago and former vice president of Diversity & Inclusion for Kraft Foods, will preach the homily that explores diversity and inclusion in Jesus’ ministry and our faith.

On Sunday, October 14, Deacon Norman will return to facilitate a discussion on diversity and inclusion “Diversity Maturity”. During the session he will:

  1. Expand the definition of diversity and inclusion, and
  2. Explore the six characteristics of Diversity Maturity to effectively identify and respond to the complexities and tensions of diversity.

Participants will develop their diversity maturity skills and capability by analyzing and responding to diversity scenarios in society and the workplace.

Additionally, as a part of this exploration process, you can take the Harvard Bias Assessment Test. Click here begin the test on race. Assessment Test on Race .    This is the introductory page for the test on Race.  Those who participate will have the opportunity to discuss the Assessment and your impressions with other parishioners in an informal and confidential setting on Sunday, October 21. Do invite others to take the Assessment.

To sign up for the discussion with Deacon Norman on October 14 and/or the Round Table Gathering for Reflection and Discussion on October 21, please click here: Discussion With Deacon Norman and/or Round Table Sign-up

 We hope you’ll join the Social Justice and Service Committee in the exploration of diversity and inclusion as we attempt to live out our faith and create the kingdom of heaven here on earth.

More Information about Deacon James Norman

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