To obtain early sacramental records, please contact:

Bernardin Archives and Record Center

711 W. Monroe Chicago, Il 60661

(312) 534-4400     Mon-Fri: 9:30-11:45am: 1:00-4:30pm

All records are on Microfiche rolls.

Old St. Mary’s Church records are archived as follows:

Roll #1: Baptism/Marriage 1833-1839                Marriage/Baptism/Communion/Confirmation 1839-1859                Marriage 1859-1906

Roll #2: Baptism 1903-1918                              Marriage 1903-1916

 Research for genealogical purposes, is confined to records prior to December 31, 1915. If a person is looking for his/her own records, the Archives staff will search any time period. Pre-1916 records are available for research on microfilm. Only records of closed parishes are held by the Archives. The Bernardin Archives and Records Center will provide you with a list upon request. All open parishes keep their own records. The only exception to this are Old St. Mary’s and St. Elizabeth’s, whose earliest books are now at the Archives.

For additional information click on this link to visit the Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Archives & Records Center website.