The New Old St. Mary’s School

Located at 1500 South Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago, the new School at Old St. Mary’s Parish will provide this community with a wonderful environment to teach, learn, and grow. The new school building opened September 6, 2011 with 260 students.  In September 2012, our student population was over 300 students.

The school is a 33,000 square foot, three-story building sitting on Michigan Avenue. It faces the church, and is designed to complement the architecture of the church. The school has everything necessary to serve our students from preschool through eighth grade.

It includes: 18 classrooms, a large, multi-purpose room for assembly, a Learning Resource Center, a Fine Arts Room, and a Science Lab.  It has solar panels on the roof which are used to make the school environmentally friendly.


New School Rendering


Rendering New School with Church