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In Bethlehem Inn by John Carter

Mary played by Julia Kim and Joseph played by Kainoa Lugo

What was it like the night Jesus was born? The youth of Old St. Mary’s Parish in the South Loop helped people to experience that holy night during their presentation of “In Bethlehem Inn” by John Carter on Saturday, December 16. Over 200 people came to the dinner theater performance and were drawn into the story as the guests of the Bethlehem Inn. The student actors welcomed them to an overcrowded Inn. In the course of their meal, served by the youth, Mary and Joseph came to the Inn and found there was no room. The owner allowed them to stay in the stable and that night, Jesus is born. Seeing the star, the shepherds and the servants of the Inn, invited the guests into the outdoor courtyard to meet Mary and Joseph, the Son of God and some animals all lit under the star of Bethlehem.

Parishioners enjoyed celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus in this fun and entertaining way. A simple meal of chicken, vegetables and rice were served with a salad and hummus with pita to reflect a meal that would have been typical in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago.

“It was a magical night – seeing the gym transformed into Bethlehem, experiencing and celebrating the birth of Jesus along with the cast and guests of the Inn, and being served so graciously by the students,” said Shannon Mettleman, parishioner.

After the performance, guests enjoyed cookies and coffee and fellowship. By all accounts, it was a fabulous night. Staff and volunteers are hoping to do it again in 2018 and serve even more people.