To Teach Who Christ IsFor more than 150 years, Catholics in the Archdiocese of Chicago have come together to build parishes and schools, initiate social service programs and pass on the faith to present and succeeding generations. They have been intentional in their sacrifice and dedication to carry on the mission of the Church, which, in a word, is To Teach Who Christ Is.

That opportunity is now before us here at Old St. Mary’s with the launching of the To Teach Who Christ Is Campaign this fall (2015). Our goal is $1,850,000.  If we reach that goal, approximately $425, 000 will go to benefit the Catholic Schools and students of the Archdiocese which includes all of Cook and Lake Counties.  This will be added to funds raised in other parishes to build up a fund of $150,000,000. to provide scholarships to Catholic students who could not otherwise afford to attend Catholic schools and also to assist those families with several children enrolled in Catholic schools.  Lesser amounts will be used to make emergency repairs at schools that are unable to afford to make them, as well as provide advanced training for teachers both in the schools and in the religious education (Sunday School) programs in the Archdiocese.

Again, if we make our goal, approximately $1,425,000, will be returned to Old St. Mary’s and we will use those funds to finish paying for our new Parish Center, already under construction.  If we raise more than what is needed for that payoff, the additional amount will be divided evenly between the parish school and the parish itself for educational and pastoral initiatives, such as outreach programs to attract new parishioners, development of a new extracurricular activity at the school, etc.

You can see that this is a great joint campaign.  The campaign provides funds for Catholic schools in general, especially those that are to some degree financially challenged, as well as, funds still needed to complete our own new parish center which will provide space for our expanding parish ministries.  It will also have a large space that our school will be able to use as a gymnasium.  Thus, providing the school and other parish groups with a great new space.

The To Teach Who Christ Is campaign accepts gifts in a variety of forms with an emphasis on those which can be used immediately.  Gifts to To Teach Who Christ Is are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Pledges allow campaign donors to consider more substantial commitments than are possible with one-time cash gifts. To see Suggested Giving Plans for a 60 Month Pledge Period click below.

Suggested Giving Plans


To make a donation or pledge through online giving click the link below.


Stock and other property which can be easily liquidated are also options when considering your campaign gift.  By making a gift or appreciated stock or property, you may reduce or avoid capital gains. Please call Deborah Kozak at (312) 534-7615 for further assistance.