Completing the Vision – Past. Present. Future.

Old St. Mary’s move to its current location in the South Loop has occurred in phases. In 2002 – in Phase I- we built our beautiful new church. Then, in Fall 2004, we welcomed 18 preschool students into our “new” school that was housed in a 100 year-old revamped furniture warehouse adjacent to our Parish offices.

Our strategic plan prioritized the building of a new school in Phase II. In 2011, a brand-new Old St. Mary’s School opened with more than 200 students. With the start of the 2013 school year, there are over 350 students enrolled in preschool through 8th grade.

In 2013, the third phase of the strategic plan began to take shape – completing the vision with a Parish Center. Phase III marks an important step for the Old St. Mary’s community as there is a pressing need to respond to the continuing rapid growth of the parish and school.

What is Phase III?

Phase III is a 17,000 square foot Parish Center that will house some Parish offices closer to the front Michigan Avenue entrance, have multiple meeting/classroom spaces, and a gymnasium/social hall with a retractable performance stage. The project is estimated to cost $3.4 million. This cost includes demolition, construction, and facility equipment. If important milestones and fundraising deadlines are met, we hope to open the doors to the Parish Center in Fall 2014.

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Why is Phase III so important to Old St. Mary’s?

Rendering Board(1)

Parish Center Rendering

Strategically, we have a window of opportunity to move forward so that our entire Old St. Mary’s community can benefit from a new Parish Center as soon as possible. We have support from school and parish leaders as well as collaborative relationships with Archdiocese personnel.

The current campus of Old St. Mary’s does not offer a gathering and social space large enough for our community’s needs. Old St. Mary’s Parish has grown by five time its size since 2002. Our school enrollment has increased from 18 students to over 350. The school needs appropriate space for its athletics and performing arts programs. Currently, school children have gym and practice sports off-campus at other church and school facilities.

How can I support Phase III?

There are multiple ways to support OSM’s Parish Center. We ask everyone for their prayers and moral support. We also, of course, need your financial support, you can make a one-time donation or make donations over time with installment payments via

Don’t forget that you may be able to double, or even triple, the amount of your gift to the Old St. Mary’s Phase III Project through corporate matching gift programs. To find out if your company matches charitable gifts, please contact your Human Resource or Community Relations Department.

Old St Mary’s is truly a wonderful and vibrant place. The Parish Center will enable us to more fully meet the needs of our parish, school, and community. We will need your help, dedication, and support in order to complete the final phase of our campus.