The link below, UPDATE YOUR MEMBER INFORMATION, allows you to view the information that we have for you in our database and let us know of any changes by typing them in.

You can change your address, phone number and/or email address.  You can let us know about new additions to your family.  You can also view the record of contributions that we have for you for the current year (2017) and the prior year (2016).

The first time you access this process by clicking on this link, Update Your Member Information, you will need to create a login.

Go to where it reads   Need a login? Click here.

Type in your email address  

If your email address is not recognized, that means we have something different in our database or perhaps we do not have an email address for you.  To fix that issue simply submit the form below we will add your current email address to your record. We’ll let you know when we’ve added your email address to the database so you can create a login and begin viewing your information.

If you’ve gotten married or there is a new addition in the household.  We will need to add the name of that person to your record before you will be able to make any changes to their information.  Please submit the form below and again, we will let you know when we’ve added that person.  Once they are added to your family, you will be able to add any additional information about them.

Email Address or New Member Name

This form is to provide us with your email address or the name of a member you want added to your family.