Church Architecture and Design

Our building at 1500 S. Michigan Avenue, designed by Serena Sturm Architects, Ltd. (formerly Prisco, Serena, Sturm), was dedicated on July 21, 2002. This beautiful worship space won the Association of Licensed Architects Silver Award, 2003.

The stained glass windows were created by award-winning artist Cindy Kessler of Loveland, OH; the nave windows depict Mary as the new Eve and Christ as the new Adam who gives all on the tree of life, the cross. The crucifix, which was behind the altar at our previous church, is flanked by red glass suggesting the Blood of Christ, flowing heavenward to the Ascension window above.

The glass behind the tabernacle in the Eucharistic Chapel depicts wheat and grapes. The sweeping lines also suggest the communion cup, as well as open hands and heart.

The womb-shaped baptismal font allows for baptism of adults by immersion, as well as baptism of infants in the smaller pool above.

The evocative Intimate Holy Family statue is by Bramante Studio of Kitchener, Ontario.

The Daily Mass Chapel holds the sculpture of Our Lady of the Assumption which was brought from one of our previous locations. The window, facing east to Michigan Avenue, portrays Psalm 113: “From the rising of the sun to its setting let the name of the Lord be praised.” This window won the international BENE Visual Art Award for Stained Glass (2003-2004). The window, facing west, is near the Stations of the Cross, and has the theme “broken sun, broken Son.” It is also the westward-facing version of the verse from Psalm 113. The Stations of the Cross are by Suzanne M. Young of Oakland, MI.