Confirmation & Family Missionary Experience_09/15/2019

Confirmation & Family Missionary Experience on September 15th

Service and Missionary practice plays a large role in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. The young people are asked to complete service projects. The purpose for this is for young people to practice exercising what it means to be Confirmed; which is to accept and take on the mission of Jesus.

What is the Missionary Experience on Sunday September 15th?

It is NOT a service project but simulation.

  • It is part game – part escape room,
  • It is part team building but most of all…
  • It is a chance to see the world through the eyes of the “other”.

Run for Your Life” is an interactive event that engages groups physically and emotionally in the refugee journey and the challenges they faith as they flee for their lives. The simulation is hands-on and re-creates, on a small scale, aspects of a refugee’s experience, including boats (no water), tents, sound effects and border security situations. Share the refugee experience through a simulation that is part game and part missionary encounter that will stay with you for a lifetime. There is no cost to participants, and we encourage parents (family as parents deem appropriate) to attend, although Confirmation Candidates may attend on their own with a permission slip.

I strongly urge all candidates for Confirmation (and families) to set aside Sunday September 15th and attend this activity.

Sunday, September 15th

Depart Old St. Mary’s (OSM) at 2pm for Cabrini Retreat Center, Bus will be provided.

Return OSM at 7 pm from retreat center

To rsvp online click here