Pastor’s Message

WELCOME To Old St. Mary’s Church, Chicago

as we progress from pandemic to renewal
We hope you will come and join us.

June 11, is a new start for us all – the State, City, Archdiocese, Parish – the movement to be reopened without so many restrictions, is a great blessing. That being said, we know people are still afraid, cautious, unvaccinated and we want to take of them too. So, wherever you are on the Cov-id 19 spectrum, you are welcome here.

 For the vaccinated, we are open without masks, sign-ups or undue social distancing. For the unvaccinated, and those just wishing to wear a mask, that is a sign to everyone to give you a bit more space. We continue to look for the best ways forward.

 On our website, you will see many activities and offerings you can connect with – please do so. It is also summer, our School has moved into summer mode, but is still taking applications for the next school year.

 Check us out (we still have our online and recorded Masses) on the website or in person. Wishing you God’s constant blessing in your lives!

 Fr. Brad Schoeberle, CSP

 Also, check out our collaborative links: and our downtown Renew My Church Group: