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Let the Alleluia’s Sound!

Easter – it is never quite what we expect

Last year (remember 2020) as we were gearing up for Lent, everything was shutting down. Easter at Old St. Mary’s, as many places, was a quieter affair in Church, but we’re glad we could livestream. Easter continues on whether we are locked down or ramping up.

And we are ramping up. This year, we celebrated our Holy Week liturgies in person at least for a hundred or so in person, and more online. Lent has been a time for people to gather via a Zoom for various celebrations and faith discussions. But we are gradually, and safely, gathering some momentum for the next step forward. Echoing the words of the master on Holy Thursday when he washed the disciple’s feet, “I have given you an example, so you also must do.” Our care for one another as a parish during this time of the pandemic has been a real example showing we understand what serving each other means.

Now we come to Easter – and after a year under the pandemic, we continue to see things in new ways. Easter is always an invitation to see things differently. After Jesus’ passion and death, everyone knew it was over. And on the cross – Jesus seemed to know it was over. No account of the Gospels shows Jesus in doubt about his death, and no inkling of what is to come.

Easter – was not what Jesus expected. Maybe as God he expected it, but not while he was dying – all was given into the Father’s hands. What that says is, even in the worst times, with stuff crashing and crumbling and people getting sick and dying – Jesus who went through it all is still there for us because he has shared human death.

Jesus raises us up, gives us hope, enables us to carry on, and even walks with us when we don’t know he’s there unless we are paying really good attention. While, with this virus, we never quite know what to expect, let us pray our encounter with Jesus’ resurrection will give us hope and direction going forward.

Happy Easter one and all! Check out our pages for online events in the parish and around us.

Fr. Brad Schoeberle, CSP


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