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Religious Education Schedule for 2018-2019


Below is our class schedule for 2018/2019 which also includes the Children’s Mass dates.  Please note two things.

  1. We DO have class on Veterans Day on November 11th; it’s the only 3-day public holiday weekend we will have class.
  2. We will be hosting 3 family events that are NOT on the schedule. You will receive notice in early October of the 4 dates. I ask for your patience with this one adjustment as move through a staff transition.

Class begins promptly at 9:30 am and is dismissed at 10:30 am

1st Sunday of Month ·         Choir Rehearsal is the 1st & 2nd Sunday of each month from 10-10:40 in the Michigan Room of church. If RE has class Choir members will be dismissed at 10:15 to attend rehearsal. Pick up will be from Rehearsal.


Second Sunday of Each Month

·         11am Children’s Mass. Children’s Choir sings at this Mass.

·         Choir Rehearsal 10:15am (Students will be dismissed early from Class on 1st & 2nd Sunday of each month that we have class. Please pick up your student from the  choir room.

·         Families are asked to participate in liturgical ministries as greeters, lectors, EOM’s, ushers, etc.


Sunday Sept 9th


·         11am CHILDREN’S MASS

Tuesday Sept. 11th ·         First Communion and First Reconciliation PARENTS ONLY Meeting 6:00pm-7:30pm

  Donovan Hall


Sunday Sept 16th

·         RE Classes in School Opening Lesson –A New Year

·         Catechetical Sunday – blessing of those who pass on the faith at all Masses

Sunday Sept 18th ·         CONFIRMATION Prep Meeting ALL PARENTS & CANDIDATES 6:00pm – 7:30pm Donovan Hall
Sunday Sept.23rd ·         Unit 1 Revelation -Ch 2 RE Students in school building- All grades K-8
Sunday Sept 30th ·         Unit 1 Revelation -Ch 3 RE Students in school building
Thurs. Oct. 4th ·         Ask Fr. Brad – theme TBA
Sunday Oct. 7th ·         NO Classes

Sunday Oct. 14th

·         RE students in school building Unit 2 Trinity –Ch 4

·         Choir Rehearsal

Sunday Oct. 21st ·         Unit 2 Trinity -Ch 5 RE Students (K-8) in School Building 9:30am-10:30am
Thursday Oct. 25th ·         First Reconciliation/First Communion Parent Child in gym. Meeting 6-7pm in the gym
Friday Oct. 26th ·         Holy Fire

Sunday Nov. 4th

·         Unit 2 Trinity –Ch 6 RE Students in School Building

·         Choir Rehearsal


Sunday Nov. 11th

·         RE In Session (Veterans Day)

·         Choir Rehearsal and Children’s Mass

Sunday Nov. 18th ·         RE Classes Unit 3 –Jesus Christ Ch 7
Sunday Nov. 25th ·         No Class Thanksgiving Weekend

Sunday Dec. 2nd

·         Unit 3 Jesus Christ –Ch 8 / Seasonal Lesson –Advent (1st Sunday of Advent)

·         Choir Rehearsal


Sunday Dec. 9th

·         Unit 3 Jesus Christ –Ch 9 (2nd Sunday in Advent)

·         Children’s Mass & Choir Rehearsal

Sunday Dec. 16th ·         RE Christmas Pageant 9:30am-10:45am in GYM –(Replaces RE Class in school)

Sunday Jan 6th

·         RE In Session (1st day back from break)

·         Choir Rehearsal

Thursday Jan 10th ·         Sponsor +Candidate Session Option #1 7-9pm Donovan Hall

Sunday Jan 13th

·         Unit 4 –Ch 10/11/12 RE Students in School building

·         Choir Rehearsal & Children’s Mass 11am

Sunday Jan 20th ·         NO CLASS –MLK Jr. Day Weekend
Sunday Jan 27th ·         NO CLASS – Catholic Schools Week

Sunday Feb. 3rd

·         Unit 5 Morality –Ch 13/14

·         Choir Rehearsal


Sunday Feb. 10th

·         Unit 5 Morality –Ch 13/14 – class in school bldg.

·         Choir & Children’s Mass

·         Confirmation Retreat 10:45-4pm

Sunday Feb. 17th ·         No Class President’s Day Weekend
Sunday Feb. 24th ·         Class – Lures Session
Sunday March 3rd ·         Unit 6: Sacraments Ch 16

·         Choir Rehearsal

Wed. March 6th ·         Ash Wednesday, we will see families at Masses
Sunday March 9th ·         First Holy Communion Retreat 2-5pm (Followed by families attending 5pm Mass)

Sunday March 10th

·         Unit 6: Sacraments Chap 17/18

·         Choir Rehearsal & Children’s Mass 11am

Sunday March 17th ·         2nd Sunday of Lent Activity
Sunday March 24th ·         Unit 7: Kingdom of God Chp. 19
Tuesday March 26 ·         Confirmation Rehearsal in Church 6-7pm
Friday March 29th ·         Confirmation with Bishop Kane, arrive 6:30pm & Mass is at 7pm
Sunday March 31 ·         Unit 7: Kingdom of God Chap. 20/21
Sunday Apr. 7th ·         Class In Session

·         Choir Rehearsal


Sunday April 14th

·         Palm Sunday – No Classes CPS on break

·         Children’s Mass at 11am, Choir Rehearsal in Church at 10:30

Thurs. April 18 ·         Holy Thursday
Friday. April 19 ·         Good Friday
Saturday April 20th ·         Holy Saturday
Sunday April 21st ·         Easter Sunday
Sunday April 28 ·         1pm First Holy Communion Group 1
Sunday May 5th ·         1pm First Holy Communion Group 2