Baptism at Old St. Mary’s Church

Baptism Policy – Steps for Baptizing your Child

To request baptism of your child(ren), please fill out the registration form at the bottom of this page.  We also have a booklet and paper application form for baptism that describes the basic obligations and requirements for Catholic Baptism.  You will find the booklet in the Parish Commons.  You can complete the paper form and return it to the Church.  Whichever form you use, online or paper, a parish minister will contact you about the required class for parents which takes place the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM.   It is not necessary to wait until the child is born to attend the class. 

In November of this year, because the first Wednesday of the month is All Saints Day, the Baptism Preparation class will be held on the second Wednesday of the month, November 8th.

It is traditional to give a stipend to the Church of $50-$100 according to one’s means for baptisms that take place at Old St. Mary’s. The donation should be made at the time of the class. If parents are requesting this class for baptism elsewhere, there is a fee of $25 for the class.

Although we do not require that godparents attend this class, we are happy to welcome godparents who need this class for baptisms elsewhere. There is a fee of $25 payable at the time of the class. Checks should be made payable to Old St. Mary’s.

Baptisms are usually celebrated on the second, fourth and fifth Saturdays of the month. The Rite begins during the Saturday 5:00 PM Mass and is completed after Mass at the Baptism Font.  

Basic Obligations and Requirements of the Catholic Church

Parents who present a child for baptism should be active in the practice of their faith. Parents are taking on the obligation of raising their children in the faith; this involves a serious commitment to regular worship on Sunday. Your marriage is a tremendous example to your children. If you were married outside the Church, please speak to one of our Priests to have your marriage validated/blessed by the Church.

Though only one godparent is necessary, it is the custom to have two godparents, one who should be male, the other female. Please do not appoint multiple godparents. At least one godparent must be Catholic. The other godparent need not be Catholic, but must be a baptized Christian.

Baptism Procedures Used at Old St. Mary’s Church

Baptisms take place on the second, fourth and fifth Saturdays of the month. Please do not make travel arrangements for other family members or godparents before confirming the date of the baptism. The Baptism date will be set following completion of the class by the parents.

At the time of the class, parents will review the obligations they are accepting and the steps of the ritual with a minister of the parish. They will also be given a form to fill out with all the necessary data to properly record the baptism at Old St. Mary’s.

A certificate will be given after the Baptism for each child or mailed to you soon after the ceremony.

Form: Pre-Registration

You may fill out a Pre-Registration baptismal form here. Some one will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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