Thanksgiving Parade of Gratitude

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November 25 at 7:30 PM on
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Thanksgiving Prayer
In the Year 2020

Blessed are you God, Creator of all
who gave birth to the human family
and fashioned the earth
surrounding us with beauty
and bequeathing us its plenty.

God of pilgrims and the homebound
of Native Americans and refugees
of essential workers and first responders,
we come on our national day of Thanksgiving
in this time of plague and broken unity
and pray we may move past separation
and bless you for what we hold in common.

We look forward to a better time
when families can gather
and loved ones can embrace,
grandparents can hold their grandkids
and we can have a vaccine for Covid-19.
We offer our gratitude for your blessings
made clearer against a backdrop of loss.

We bring you our thanks for all that is good;
family and friends, health and abundant food
and the hope we gain from your presence.
We bless you for all you’ve given us
and strive to be your mercy and justice.


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