At Home Family Faith Support, Assessments, Games, Activities, and Parent Guides

At Home Family Faith Support, Assessments, Games, Activities and Parent Guides

 This new formation model calls for parents to more intentionally partner with the parish to teach and pass on the faith to their children.   Between our monthly Family Sessions and the links below parents have the resources needed to teach and lead faith filled conversations at home.

The Sunday Catechists/ teachers will be teaching the first Session in each Unit in the Sunday Classrooms.  Parents will teach the remaining sessions at home at their own pace and young people will submit an online assessment following each unit.  The advantage of this model; parents partnering to teach at home allows our Sunday morning youth sessions to be more experiential and move beyond a textbook.  It leaves room for hands on activities that help the young people to encounter God.  God is encountered in scripture, prayer, and learning through the textbooks we utilize.  However, hands on activities create room for increased meaning making.  It is important for the young people to have opportunities to learn and encounter God both in study and through activity.  See the document links below for instructions and links to the assessment and parent tools.

Our new family faith formation model utilizes the Loyola Press Finding God Curriculum.   This curriculum and the links below offers parents and families materials specifically designed for use at home.  From at-home, family friendly lesson plans, to interactive study guides, to the exciting online game Fishers of Faith, the activities listed below will refresh the faith of parents while helping parents to become an active partner in their child’s faith formation.

Naturally, Old St. Mary’s Parish, specifically the Lifelong Faith Formation office will continue to support you and be a resource.   Maryellen, our Director of Lifelong Faith Formation is even willing to help mentor parents by scheduling a time to lead a lesson with individual families.

Click on the following link of all of the information that you need.  Sunday Faith Formation Family Website