We Can’t Do It Without You

Did you know that we can’t do it without you?

Not all of the Catholic parishes around us have a Sunday Faith Formation program at their home parish? Families worship and are a part of one parish but they must bring their children to another parish for Sunday Faith

Formation and sacraments.  We are blessed to worship and attend faith formation in the same place but we can’t do                                                                  it without you!

Our parish needs your help in THREE very critical ways.

1. We need 2 more catechists, teachers to bring our Sunday Faith Formation team up to full volunteer team.  Please consider joining our team. Contact Maryellen at 312-922-3444 ext 26 to learn more.

2. We need 3 standby substitute catechists; parents who we can rely on to step into a class if another teacher has a sick child at home, is traveling for family events, etc.  This a great way to support our full time volunteers who are here weekly.  We already have two teachers who will be out in November.  I need 1 substitute for November 4th and another substitute for November 11th.    Please consider committing to being a standby substitute catechist.  Contact Maryellen at 312-922-3444 ext 26 to learn more.

3.We need FAMILIES willing to spend time with PRE-K to 3rd graders during Mass , serving in our Liturgy of the Word for Children initiative.  As the Kelly family shares with you below; this is a SUPER FUN ministry and perfect for whole families to contribute to our parish together.  It is simple.  The priest calls forward the children, you lead them into Donovan Hall where you proclaim/read the Sunday Gospel and then complete an activity sheet with the children.  It takes about 20-25 minutes and it all happens during Mass. We are seeking 8 families to help with this ministry.    SIGN UP TO HELP WITH LITURGY OF THE WORLD FOR CHILDREN BY CLICKING HERE.




“Our family absolutely loves supporting the Children’s Liturgy of the Word  program. The kids who participate are bright, fun and bring a wonderful perspective to the week’s Gospel. The kids do the readings and share how they have and can apply the day’s lessons to their own lives. 

It’s also a meaningful way for my own kids to roll up their sleeves and be involved in our vibrant parish. They facilitate smaller group discussion and guide the children through the week’s lesson. (In a blink, they have also earned service hour time!)

I’d encourage families to consider volunteering together to lead a Children’s Liturgy of the Word during an upcoming weekend.  Our family would be happy to help out during that first one; the first session that you lead.  As with everything in life, you truly get more back when you help out!”   Sam & Chris Kelly Family

Thank you to the Kelly Family!  We can’t do without you!

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