Abuse Scandal – Open Forum and Listening Session

Tuesday, August 28, 7 p.m. in Old St. Mary’s Commons

You are invited, and invited to bring friends. Do you have thoughts, feelings, ideas about the latest rounds of the Church’s abuse scandal?

Concerned about victims, the Church, justice, how to go forward, how to make amends how to make things better? Just want to talk? Just want to Listen?

Tuesday Night, Aug 28, at 7p.m. in the Commons of Old St. Mary’s Church, we are hosting our first “Listening Session” and open forum for any concerned person.

This will be our first step in dealing with the many issues that the crisis has evoked. You are welcome to come and talk about what you need, or express your thoughts and emotions, share stories, make suggestions… whatever you feel would advance our community and the Church in moving forward.

There are many ways forward, not just this forum. If you can’t come and want to engage the issue with a priest, staff or parish leader you can also contact one of us through phone or email. Check the parish website or bulletin for contact information. We are always listening for your voice. Let us know if there are particular ways you would like to use, and particular ways you would like to hear from us that are there better than others.  Blessings to you!

Fr. Brad

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