A Thanksgiving Week Prayer

A Prayer for Thanksgiving Week

Lord of all blessings,

We Thank You for Our Parish of Old St. Mary’s:

            For forming it and guiding it,

            Helping us to minister to the needs around us,

            Giving us hard working parishioners,

            Seeking to build up their faith and share it with others.

Thank you for our school and its ability to thrive:

            Guided by caring, dedicated and loving staff,

            Enriched by giving involved parents,

            Enlivened by inquisitive and delving students

            A Blue-Ribbon environment,

            Constantly inviting us to be reflective and forward thinking.

We thank you for all who come together here,

            to worship and find their spiritual home:

            Families, Singles, Searchers, Visitors, Friends,

            All the different ages, backgrounds, challenges

            and life experiences that are shared as we

                        enter into Fellowship and build Faith together.

In this Thanksgiving week, on Thanksgiving Day

            Give blessings to each and every person connected here,

            Blessings for good health and peaceful relationships,

            Blessings for healing for loved ones lost,

            Blessing for safe travels and Warm Family Gatherings.

God, Most of all, in all things and all ways,

            May we know your presence,

            Father, Son & Holy Spirit, and ALL your love!

Thank You All for being you!

Be blessed this Thanksgiving Day!

Fr. Brad Schoeberle, CSP


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