As we move out of May and into June, in this unprecedented time of social distancing, I want to acknowledge Diana Smith and all the faculty and staff of the school who have been continuing to provide educational opportunities and lessons for everyone enrolled in Old St. Mary’s School this year! Thank you all!

I also wish to draw attention to our 8th Grade Class of 2020, who will graduate from the school in a mostly virtual ceremony this evening. Congratulations Girls & Boys! Well Done.

Usually as we finish a school year there are all kinds of special events and Masses, but this year we are still socially distancing, especially from schools and churches. Because of this, our 6 pm. Sunday Mass will be livestreamed this Sunday, May 31. It is Pentecost Sunday, a rousing way to end the school year, renewing our faith by the Holy Spirit, and reminding ourselves what we most learn is how to bring Good News into the world out there.

As I just said, Sunday is Pentecost, and I want to remind folks it is a day where red is prominent. Feel free to post your redness as Mass comments on Facebook – red hearts work too – or send pictures of your Mass Watch group to the parish bulletin address ( for us to include in a special parish post.

Blessings on you all! Come Holy Spirit!


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