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As the days of pandemic continue forward and upset many areas of life, we at Old St. Mary’s are looking at ways we can serve in your time of need. This list below is not meant to be exhaustive. Offerings and responses to needs will be added as they develop.

Please check on the offerings below and follow the link or make a request.

  • To talk with a member of the Parish Care Net Team or to join the team, please send your question, suggestion or interest to carenet@oldstmarys.com.
  •  To talk with a priest about a spiritual matter.

Fr. Brad Schoeberle – 312.922.3444 ext. 29
Email: frbrad@oldstmarys.com
Fr. Schoeberle is out of the office on Fridays.

Fr. Patrick Johnson – 312.922.3444 ext. 20
Email: pjohnson@oldstmarys.com
Fr. Johnson is out of the office on Thursdays.

Fr. Stuart Wilson-Smith – 312.922.3444 ext 25
Email: swilsonsmith@oldstmarys.com
Fr. Wilson-Smith is our of the office on Mondays.

  • To talk with Clare Dolan, Parish Counselor, about Covid 19 mental health issues

Her email address is claredolan.claret@gmail.com and her phone number is 312-775-2438.

Clare Dolan brings experiences from a diverse background to her counseling and looks forward to how she can best support you and your family. For the past few years, she has served as an Admission Counselor working to aid students and families with the college process.

Clare leads with compassion and warmth. She takes a holistic approach to her counseling, one that emphasizes open communication, good listening and empathy. Clare aims to work collaboratively with clients in the hope of creating the change they want to see in their lives, while providing support. She seeks to empower those she works with to embody their own strengths. Through creativity and care, she aims to assist others in becoming their best self.

Do not hesitate to reach out to Clare with any questions or concerns.

  • Need help with rent in this time of Covid

Please click on the link below which contains information on how you can obtain help.  You will also be able to download the document.

Help With Rent During Covid

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