September 11th Prayer

Prayer on the Day of Tragedy – September 11, 2001

Lord Jesus,
one day we stood tall and strong
reaching to the highest heavens,
anchored here on earth…
a glorious morning! sun so bright!
then darkness, fire and fall.

We did not see evil come nor suspect it so close,
suspect it could take our lives,
and even grind our dignity into the ground.

But here, where earth shakes,
where the human spirit quakes,
your death, life and resurrection itself
transforms tragedy.

Help us now to turn completely to you,
to know our own sin and temptations,
to be ready to reach out and heal,
to forgive, mourn, and seek your justice.

Bless those who have died and bring healing to the injured,
comfort the survivors and give strength to the rescuers,
lead us and our leaders on the paths of compassion;
Help us be less afraid and give us the courage
to work for peace and truth in our world.

That with you we may rise again to unimagined heights.
Through your Father’s love and the power of the Spirit.


© September 2001 Rev. Brad Schoeberle, CSP

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