Engaged Parishioner Letter

October 31, 2021

From: Fr. Brad Schoeberle, CSP – Pastor
& the Old Saint Mary’s Parish Finance Council

Dear Families,
Now that fall has arrived and the students have settled into their routines it is time to revisit the
upcoming changes to Old St. Mary’s Catholic School tuition in the next school year. As a reminder, Parish leadership has decided to implement an Engaged Parishioner tuition rate for the 2022-2023 Academic year as a way to help solidify the financial viability of both the Parish and the School.

As we are more than halfway to the stewardship requirement for 2021 we thought it was an appropriate time to review what it means to be an engaged Parishioner as was presented in June and August, previously.

An Engaged Parishioner:

• Is fully and completely registered in the parish database (which also provides essential data for
the school). All information is kept strictly confidential.
• Regularly participates in Sunday Mass, Holy Days, and Church Sacramental celebrations.
• Volunteers for social activities, ministries, outreach, leadership, or other activities as a
participant in the parish community.
• Recognizes their own need for personal growth and participates in faith sharing and educational opportunities for adults, thereby becoming better disciples, able to nurture and sustain Catholic education for family, school, and community.
• Commits to stewardship of the mission of the parish through financial support described next.

These engaged parishioner commitments start as of the 22-23 school year with the exception of
Stewardship. The stewardship commitment for the 2022-23 academic year has been prorated and is
based on the period from July 1 to December 31, 2021. This inaugural rate asks a minimum contribution of $15/week, $65/month ($390/6-months) to the parish. The 12-month regular parish contribution would be $780. Parish contributions, which are tax deductible, are reported in the end of year statements issued in January.

You may begin or continue your contributions to the parish by following this link: Pushpay. In addition Old St. Mary’s has developed its own app which can be found in either app store by searching OSM Parish. This app will allow for better registration information, enable us to connect better as a parish, and is an integral part of being engaged parishioners, and Pushpay is also in the OSM Parish App. Informational changes, updating and additions will be under your control.

Here is the letter as a PDF file which you can download. Engaged Parishioner Letter

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