Of Womb and Tomb Prayer Service

Thursday, October 28, 7 PM

Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church, 1500 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, Illinois.

Prayer in Time of Infertility, Miscarriage, and Stillbirth.

A grief too often held in and unseen: the ability to conceive, the loss of a child before birth, death at birth. With sacred song and scripture, let us come together to share the holy journey of grief in community.

We will light candles to remember the lives that were not realized as we would have wished. We will pray for our sisters and brothers whose lives are forever changed. We will sing our fears and our dreams to the one who made us.
Together, we will bear witness to the Christian mystery-that new life emerges both of the womb and of the tomb.
As a part of the service, we’d like to proclaim names and light candles in memory of our little ones. So that we might prepare, please feel free to send a private email with the names that we should speak aloud to swilliams@oldstmarys.com.
Some children were not named. That’s okay, too. There will be an opportunity to light a candle for the babies that remain in our hearts and on our minds, those without names, those whom we call “Baby Smith,” or “Baby Girl Ramirez.” This is an opportunity to remember as you best see fit.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your willingness to teach me, to support one another, to be vulnerable, and to lean on each other through the journey of grief.

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